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We help brands create the ”buzz” and rise above
in the noise of today’s market

We help brands create the ”buzz” and rise above in the noise of today’s market


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BUZZEVO is a full-service creative marketing agency that is disrupting marketing, the millennial way, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We focus on offering an original mix of unconventional marketing methods adapted in today’s digital world to help our clients smash through their challenges and get results.

Proud of where we came from, excited by where we are going.

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We do full-service marketing.


Need social media management? We got you. Need sales funnels? We’re ready. Desperate for rebranding? We’ll handle that.

Buzzevo team will help you create, manage and measure all aspects of your marketing needs.

buzzevo full marketing service company in dubai uae
buzzevo reliable and creative marketing agency in dubai uae


We are Reliable. Creative. Efficient.


We build brands through multi-channel stories that are designed to capture the imagination of your customers and the media.

Fusing the traditional communication with physical, digital and content experiences, Buzzevo creates world-class creative work.

buzzevo reliable and creative marketing agency in dubai uae


We are known for having “whatever it takes” commitment.


Helping great businesses grow and improve isn’t a tagline, or a marketing slogan. It is our guiding

It’s how we see past the numbers to what makes a business truly great: people and passion.

buzzevo commitment agency in dubai uae
buzzevo digital marketing agency in dubai uae


We don’t just talk about social media.


Social media is our life. 24/7. This is what we do.
This is the life we live. So if you want to appeal in today’s market, we are the people you need.

buzzevo digital marketing agency in dubai uae


Every online digital marketing agency varies in their scope of service. Buzzevo is what is referred to as a “full-service” creative marketing agency.

We take care of everything for you, from Ads Creative and Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Content Creation, Photo and Video Production, Web Development and more – to help you create a robust “funnel” and create that buzz to rise above the noise of today’s market.

Definitely yes … if you need leads and sales, that is!

As a business owner, it is imperative that you need to be creative. Not creative as in “artsy,” but creative as in innovative and forward-thinking. You need to constantly think outside the box and find new ways of reaching your target market.

Traditional marketing was difficult to measure in terms of outcomes. The strength of digital marketing is that you can see what content and every ad and response costs, in real time, and move budget toward what’s doing well. You can also build a consistent flow of leads and sales, instead of relying on referrals or people passing by your door.

By hiring a marketing agency:

  • You’ll have access to all of the digital tools and social media outlets that today’s consumers demand.
  • You’ll have the team you need, when you need it, and for the time you need them.
  • Your brand will reach its full potential because the agency has experts who are familiar with every aspect of what it takes to succeed online.

There are several ways to track your growth and influence in digital space. We believe that all of strategies should lead people back to where you promote your products or service. For this reason, we use and recommend analytical tools to track and measure your results!

Done are the days that you need to everything by yourself.

You will restore your mental health and avoid getting overwhelmed because you will have more time to focus on the money-making tasks, create a better strategy for your biz growth, nurture your leads and relationship with your clients.

You will be more productive, more time with you family, friends and to do what you love on your free time! Consider our agency an extension of your marketing team.

Are the strategies working? Do we have to change anything?

Your account analytics will be recorded weekly and tracked. To check if the strategies are working or not or if there’s something that has to be changed, we’ll measure it using the key performance indicators. This will be tied into a monthly evaluation of results to see what’s working and what has to be changed moving forward.

Our onboarding process is purpose-built to ensure a smooth transition between sales, finance, and production. An easy and seamless client experience in this transition is of paramount importance.

Finalizing Contracts: Upon finalizing the scope of the services, you will receive the contract and invoice within 24 hours.

Accounting: Within 72 hours of receiving the contract and invoice, our Accounting Department will be in touch with a request for initial payment. 

Dedicated Strategist: For multi-service clients, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Strategist as your main point of contact. Unlike the typical “overloaded Account Manager,” your strategist only leads a handful of clients. This allows each strategist the time needed to immerse themselves completely in your brand. Your strategist will act as a seamless extension of your internal team.

Initial Audit & Kickoff Meeting: Prior to the client kickoff meeting, the team will have requested access to all necessary platforms, which will be used to perform an initial audit of all relevant systems and past marketing activities.

After we do the audit, we will come to you to sit down or have a zoom call with you. Your team will also come prepared with additional questions and recommendations on how to prioritize your digital marketing opportunities.

In this meeting, your company decision-maker will review a detailed project/service timeline as well as examples of deliverables that will be developed. Additionally, we’ll work through a series of discovery and planning exercises that span subjects such as: marketing goals and current performance, market segmentation, buyer personas, content marketing, advertising channels, and more. We will also schedule in the same meeting when can we come for a shoot if photo and video production is included in the agreement.

We typically ask all of our potential clients: “How much money do you have set aside for this project?”

The purpose of this question is to give us an understanding of whether or not we can realistically help you, or if we need to recommend a different company to meet your needs.

If you cannot tell us “how much money you have set aside”, we will provide an estimated range for you to review before moving into a proposal stage, in order to ensure we do not waste our time or yours.

We’re always on the look-out for smart people to join us!

Be it strategists, writers, content creators, multimedia designers, paid media managers, developers, outreach managers, if you’re full of ideas, solutions and a growth-mindset then you could be exactly what we’re looking for.

We will share live roles as they become available, but in the meantime, feel free to get in touch.


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